Friday, August 17, 2007

5 Things on a Friday

1. 60 pages left to edit--and once it's done, it's done. I will NOT look at it again unless it sells. Period. My days of spending years on a single book are so totally over.

2. I am so excited! Guess what I got tickets for?

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Dress circle! Center! And only 20 rows back!

3. I couldn't figure out why my hair looked like $hi! for the past 5 days. Then I realized it was a new shampoo. Seriously, how can a crummy shampoo make that much difference? I remember washing my hair when I was a kid with dishwashing detergent.

4. I've had some very bad dreams the past couple of nights. I can't decide if it's:

a. stress from editing
b. mourning for Max
c. watching Nancy Grace every night before I go to bed.

5. Interesting things happen where I work. The latest: a prisoner (a freaking child molester, no less) in the ER had to go to the john. The guard took the handcuffs off but left the leg shackles on. The prisoner then shoved the guard--and actually got away! Not for long. They found a block away him in his boxer shorts, waiting calmly at the bus stop. Now assuming I have these second-or-third-hand details correct:

a. What does this say about the caliber of our police guards?
b. If you were a bus driver, would you seriously stop for this guy???
c. Were the leg shackles made from elastic perchance?


LisaYak said...

oh lord..."waiting calmly at the bus stop"???

Sounds like a real nut. I'm wondering where exactly he kept his bus fare. :-0

Jeannine said...

I don't think I want to know. :D