Monday, August 6, 2007


I've been tagged by Yak Talk to share 8 Things so here I go:

1. I was the kid in school who used to write everyone's book reports. I didn't think of it as "cheating" because, well, *I* at least read the books. In 11th grade I did a book report for my best friend. It was a 300 page YA novel called Forever the Seagulls Cried about a girl who was kicked out of boarding school and sent to live on a Scottish island. The book, of course, was MINE. Now, with the internet, we'd never get away with it. But she got an A.

2. I bit my nails for decades. The way I stopped biting them was to wear acrylics. Then I had to stop wearing acrylcs when I accidentally lit one on fire and my husband had to grab the garden hose.

3. I don't play video games--but 2 characters in my book are named "Mario" and "Zelda" because I had to listen to my kids play those games the whole time I was writing it.

4. I am, however, a hand-held poker addict.

5. I ran out of gas once and hitch-hiked a ride back. I'm still horrified at the idea. A friend and I also got into a car with a stranger in Toronto who then proceeded to drive us around the city and show us the sites. We lived to tell about it. I can't believe I was ever that stupid. And trust me, those aren't the "stupidest" things I've done.

6. I almost got suspended from high school for passing a whisky bottle around filled with iced tea. I also used to sneak into the faculty bathrooms and grease the toilet seats with Vaseline. I am soooo glad my kids didn't take after me. :o

7. My toes are long. VERY long. And I like to wear toe rings and blue polish on my nails.

8. My ears are double pierced but I can't wear earrings anymore. It doesn't matter if they're made out of tin or 24 carat gold. My ears blow up like bratwursts. So if any of you were thinking of sending me a pair of, ya know, Tiffany studs for Christmas, save your money. :)

I'm tagging anyone who's in the mood for true confessions!

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LisaYak said...

JG, those were great! I especially loved the insight into your choice of the "Mario" and "Zelda" characters.

Dang...I guess I'll have to return those ruby studs I got you. Perhaps I can find a jeweler to convert them into a lovely toe ring...