Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thankful Thursday

I'm especially thankful--above everything else at this moment--that my nephew got his DEFERMENT! He does NOT have to report back to active duty and end up once again in that freaking desert (he was "lucky" twice over there, already) or even in a nice air-conditioned office in, say, Fort Yahoo, Texas. Thank God, thank God.

I'm also thankful I have a husband who will not PISS and MOAN when he gets home from work tonight and realizes he--once again--has to cook dinner because I'm at Borders with my laptop still working on edits.

I'm thankful I don't have size 40DD boobs because I'd be sporting a major rash walking around in this disgusting heat.

I'm thankful the migraine I had yesterday afternoon went away with minimal drugs.

I'm thankful that Pam and I got our cabin! Yes, there's a "bath house" (a nicer term for "outhouse") with a no-flush toilet, and you are talking to someone who has never been camping in her entire life...but I'm so excited! We shall COMMUNE WITH NATURE! Miles and miles of secluded forest...deer, owls, raccons, wild turkeys (mm, Wild Turkey???), bears, bugs, and snakes...pure isolation with no phone service, maybe a frothing Jason lurking nearby with his hockey mask and a--no, wait, wait, wait! This is so not where I intended to go with this.

Shut up, Jen.

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