Friday, August 3, 2007

Friday, 5

1. Thanks to all the LJers for their nice comments re: the post below. I mailed off two more arcs to the librarian so more girls could read it at the same time. :)

2. I got my hair cut. It's, um, short.

3. I feel hot, sticky, and soupy in these 90+ temps. Yeah, soupy's a good word. Soupy, slimy, soggy, etc. I HATE THIS FRIGGING HEAT! Walking out my front door is like stepping into a crematorium. I haven't tried frying an egg but I did burn the hell out of my feet. Maybe I should try shoes?

4. Speaking of shoes, my kids gave me a pair of these for my birthday. I love 'em!

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5. Current word count is to 91K which means I hacked out 9,000 words from the last revision. Nine thousand needless words. Scary, isn't it. Especially since I'm only halfway through it.


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