Friday, August 3, 2007

All I Need

I got the greatest gift from a YA librarian who leads a book discussion group at a juvenile detention facility. The "gift" was an email telling me how much the girls in his reading group loved BEFORE, AFTER, AND SOMEBODY IN BETWEEN.

The girls aren't allowed to read hardcover books--these are potential weapons--but he had a soft copy of my ARC and the girls ate it up! He said the lying, the betrayal, and the abandoning of friends really hit home with them, and the girls who haven't yet read it are eagerly awaiting their turn. These are tough, streetwise girls in serious trouble, either incarcerated or currently awaiting sentencing. As this librarian told me, if they thought it "sucked" they'd definitely let him know.

THIS is truly the only "review" I need.

This is the reason I wrote this story.

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LisaYak said...

Jeannine, it's reviews like that that make it all worth it, and then some, eh?

My daughter has finally put aside her Harry Potter, and is fully immersed in her copy of your novel. I can't wait to get my hands on it!

In the meantime, forgive me for doing this, but I am tagging you! Apparently, it's some internet thing that writers are passing on to one another....a writing exercise, if you will. You're supposed to post 8 interesting things about yourself on your blog, and then tag up to 8 other buddies.

You can choose to participate, or not....just thought I'd give you the opportunity to have a go at it. I actually had fun doing it! I hope you do, too.