Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday 5

1. Crises are over.

a. Bee remains dead, joined in death by his twin brother who is now at the bottom of my garbage disposal.

b. Highlighters replaced--no green, though; I prefer retractable highlighters (just like my pens) because I either lose the caps or, at work, they come apart in my pocket. So now BLUE is the new GREEN.

All my problems should be this easy to fix.


3. Had a BLAST this morning at I-Hop with Pam. Writer talk, face-to-face, a rare treat for us both. Oh--and food, of course...and no, I couldn't be happy with a mountain of eggs, bacon, and hash browns, plus a slab of French toast stuffed with cream cheese and drowned in blueberry topping. Oh, no-o-o-o-o-o! I also had to order a black cherry crepe covered in whipped cream and drizzled with frosting. Then Pam and I did our usual 60-minute-sit-on-the-curb-in-the-parking-lot-and-blabblabblab bit, planned our upcoming trip, caught up on stuff family/friends/more writing, why don't we do this more often, Pam??

4. Supreme Typo Queen of the Universe--aka moi--went through this big fat ms (I swear Shawna gained weight on her trip to NYC) and fixed a bazillion typos and dropped/repeated words. Now the real work begins because yes, Shawna does have a few flaws. Some teeny and clearly fixable. Others Quite Serious.

5. Prime the stomach pumps! I'm making dinner tonight.

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