Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday 5

1. Happy birthday, Grandma! We plan to descend on her at dinnertime with bag of her favorite: Arby's. Which is not my fave except for their jalapeƱo poppers.

2. Beth doesn't think LMB is boring. I'm not sure why I do. I never felt Martha or Shawna were boring. Maybe Linnie and I have a personality conflict. Maybe I'm too psyched up about Shawna to care about her right now. Or maybe she's boring and Beth's doesn't know how to break the news. Nah, she's smarter than that. Just b/c I almost died giving birth to her and I've let her live here for free for twenty-four years is no reason for her to not want to hurt my feelings, right?

3. I need to diet. DESPERATELY! This is no joke. Orthodox Easter is Sunday--I'll pig out at Karen's and then go back on my old regimen of 10 calories a day. Otherwise it's off to Wal-Mart to buy doubleknit polyester drawstring pants, flowered pullovers, and granny panties.

4. OTOH, we're taking Grandma to the Olive Garden on Monday for dinner. Maybe Tuesday's a better day to start. Or maybe...stop. STOP!

5. BTW, the cake was delicious!

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