Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday. Awake. Crack of Dawn.

Another Saturday morning when I don't have to work and yet I've been awake for no apparent reason since 0455. Drinking coffee. Reading blogs and news stories and message boards. Anticipating another day of revisions.


1. Mini-birthday party for Grandma, outside in the sunshine. She's doing great--thank you to to all of who asked about her!--although her memory's shot. She gets to the second gift and can't remember the first. She gets to the last gift and thinks it's the first. And then can't remember any of them, lol. Sigh. But even she jokes about, and yes, she does know she's "I dunno...eighty-something?"

2. I mentioned Wal-Mart yesterday, and yes, I went, but not to buy any fat lady pants. BTW, here's a message to the frumpy blond lady in the aisle who thought I should walk all the way back down the aisle and come up the other side because she was Too Damn Lazy and Inconsiderate to Move Her Own Monstrous Lime-Green-Doubleknit-Polyester-Clad Ass: "(insert obscene insult of your choice)" Man, I SO need to carry around a list of things to say to people who tick me off. Thing is, they never tick me off when I'm expecting it so I'm not always ready with a snappy comeback. Which means I probably won't have the list handy, either.

3. Anyhoo. What I bought there (besides stuff for Grandma) was a pair of Danskin shoes, sort of a Mary Jane--sneaker hybrid. These are PERFECT for work. I wear street clothes and I'm on my feet a lot, so dress shoes don't work, neither do my clogs, I don't dare wear sandals, and tennis shoes look, well, reeeeally tacky with slacks. These Danskins feel like slippers! I'm addicted. I want more!


The Chief said...

You know, I'd really love to say it's just a stereotypical labeling of Wal Mart to call it the White Trash haven but sometimes stereotypes do play themselves out!

But then again... I can't stop going there every once in a while. Hey... are you able to pass up that $5 DVD bin?

The Rejection Queen said...

We writters gotta stick togetha!