Thursday, April 17, 2008

Unhappy WIP

I spent 6 hrs yesterday revising, managed to get through 14 chapters, came up with a totally awesome twist--and then, when I got home, my copyedits had arrived.

Linnie's not happy.

Linnie: What? You're abandoning me? We are on a roll!

Me: I know. But these are my copyedits. I need to get them back by Monday.

Linnie: Monday, Schmonday.

Me: Now, now...

Linnie: Don't you "now, now" me! If you loved me, you wouldn't do this to me.

Me: How can you say I don't love you?

Linnie: You love Shawna more. You've always loved her more.

Me: That is so not true. Don't you know a heart is a home with a room for every person it loves?

Linnie (pause): Where the hell did you get that old fossil?

Me: ...I don't remember. I think I stole it from an old Hayley Mills movie.

Linnie: Be that way. Have fun with Sha-a-a-awna! Who needs you anyway?

Me: You do, dummy.

Linnie: Pffft! Fine. Let me know when you can work me into your busy-ass schedule.

Me: Wait! You brat. You just stole that line from Martha! Page 218!

Linnie: (smirk) At least I had permission.

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