Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I revised the first 2 chapters and have been giving this story a lot of thought. Yes, I have to go back to the fricking dungeon work on Saturday--but really, if I work my butt off, there's no reason I can't get this done in a relatively short time. I mean, it's not 125k like Shawna's first draft, and the revisions on that one took me 6 months. We are talking a crummy 62k, right?

Note: Of course I haven't yet decided if this means I'm getting better at this writing business, or B. I just wrapped up what amounts to a Very Short Piece of Crap.

Therefore: my self-imposed deadline (oh, wait, I promised never to use the word dead in reference to my personal creative process--my goal is to finish these revisions by August 15. I wrote it in 2 months. Surely I can edit it in twice that time. :)

BTW, Grandma came home yesterday. You'll never guess what was wrong: salmonella!

Me: (on a regular basis as I stare dubiously at the milk on her bedside table) How old is this milk?

Grandma: Not old.

Me: How old?

Grandma: From lunch. Or maybe from breakast...

Yeah. Or maybe from YESTERDAY'S breakfast???

Me: Ma, you cannot leave milk sitting out all day long--

Grandma: There's nothing wrong with that milk!

Me: --so if you don't drink it when you get it, you have to throw it out.

Grandma: Why???

Me: (for the bazillionth time) Because. You. Will. Get. SICK!

Grandma: (swiping at me as I throw out the 3 cartons of warm milk) Hey, gimme those!

Now the doc has written a specific order: Please Remove All Milk From Resident's Room After Each Meal.

The kind of order that'd drive me nuts as a nurse--who am I, the effen Dairy Police?--but, in this case, probably A Very Good Idea.

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