Saturday, April 12, 2008

Reading List

This is a working vacation. Or I should say a "writing" vacation.

But I also have a pile of books staring me in the face. I've read 5 already (I read more than one at a time) and these either in progress or next on my list:

Where I Want to Be (1/2 thru)
Mistaken Identity (almost done)
City of Bones (not started--but Beth will probably steal this one anyway)
Falling (not started)
Beauty Shop for Rent (not started)
For One More Day (not started)
The Almost Moon (started last summer and then misplaced it, lol)

Which means if I'm reading, I'm not writing. Or if I'm writing, I'm certainly not reading. Or if I'm doing both, I'm not doing anything else.

Hey, it's my vacation. I can do what-EVER!!!  Or not a damn thing. :) 

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