Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I figured it'd be a toss-up between Kristy and Brooke. Actually, I like Brooke. I just wish I had her cell phone number so I could call her up and scream, "Ditch the piano! Ditch the guitar! This is a singing competition!" I think she'd do a lot better if she didn't hide behind an instrument every week.

But I found Kristy vaguely annoying all along. Tonight when she called Simon a "butt" she really showed her lack of maturity and grace. And what's this thing with her horse? Maybe I didn't hear the whole story. She sold her horse so she could enter the competition, and now that it's almost over she wants to buy it back? And the new owner refuses?

Huh, sooooo...ya sell your horse when he's an inconvenience and then buy him back when he's not. O-kay, no sympathy here, lol. Maybe she should get one of these instead:


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