Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thankful Thursday and Serious DooDoo

I'm thankful for this positively stunning and beautiful and perfectly clear and sunny day!

I am not so thankful that I'm mired in doodoo as far as my revisions are concerned. I hit a soft, brown and highly malordorous spot yesterday, gave up, signed off, and watched American Idol and could not BELIEVE Syesha was in the bottom two while Dreadboy was safe. Poor Brooke looked stunned when she wasn't voted off. And then I watched my usual lineup of Glenn Beck (cuz he's smart and sarcastic, and, yeah, kinda hot) and Nancy Grace (though she is sooo on my nerves lately, and needs to touch up that gray hair, and keeps replaying the same annoying clips over and over, and sometimes I swear she can't tell the victims from the perpetrators esp. when it comes to this FLDS fiasco) and Showbiz Tonight (because, ya know, you just can't get enough of that Hollywood smut) and then passed out and slept till 0830.

As for the doodoo, I reeeeally need to pick up a shovel today.

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