Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Drive By Milking

At the nursing home, this little nasty old guy in a wheelchair is reaming out a nurse, and I mean reeeeaming her out, calling her every name under the book , VERY aggressive, obnoxious, and...well, kind like what I occasionally have to put up with.

Grandma feels sorry for the nurse. Grandma's sick of listening to this dude's mouth. Grandma LIKES this nurse. And "finesse" is not one of Grandma's better qualities.

So she gets up and marches over to Mr. Personality and says "Shut your damn mouth!" and throws a cup of milk in his face. Not the actual cup, mind you--she just sloshed him with the milk.

So far we haven't gotten a call to come pack her bags.

LOLOLOLOLOL. Oh, I am soo not laughing, but...LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

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