Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday 10

1. I edited the first 80 pages and slashed 4,000 words. Yay me.

2. Beth found a dead mouse in the living room last night. This proves my cat can still do his job. Unfortunately he's deaf, and can't hear these little suckers when they're scritching in the wall. He has to wait till one actually runs over his paw.

3. Bloomsbury sent me the JACKET of my book. It's gorgeous!

4. Speaking of covers, my cool writer buudy and crit partner Char posted the COVER of her soon-to-be-published paranormal, FUGUE MACABRE. Woo-hoo! Go, Char. :)

5. I am humbled by the pair of jeans I'm wearing right now. I can't breathe, my toes are blue, and I have a whole fricking pork roast dangling over the waist. No more bragging about "loose" clothes in this blog.

6. We have a wedding coming up--Matthew and Molly--which gives me more incentive to keep off the blubber. Matthew already did TWO tours in Iraq. Now he's been called back up for active duty. :( So, yeah, they're gonna do it.

7. I'm working Sunday, so Happy Mother's Day to all you lucky chicks who get to hang around home and be waited on hand and foot. You do exist, right?

8. I've discovered ICED coffee with a sprinkle of vanilla, a splotch of half-and-half, and two packets of Splenda. No carbs, next to zero calories, and caffiene, caffiene, caffiene!

9. I have a death/funeral scene in my WIP that lasts longer than the real thing. Does anyone remember Imitation of Life where Lana Turner's housekeeper falls sick and takes forever to die because she's too busy babbling out her funeral instructions? Mine rivals that. It's the longest death scene in literary history.

10. I'm thinking about finishing the paint job I started a year ago. I haven't bought any paint, mind you. But the thought is there.

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