Friday, May 4, 2007

Friday,, 8...

1. Got my hair chopped today. Don't look too closely at the roots. I figured there was no point in blowing $70 now for the works so I can wander into NYC at the end of the month looking like some hillbilly hag.

2. I kinda blew my diet yesterday. After waking up with a migraine TWO days in a row, a thought occured to me: dogdammit, maybe I just need some FOOD! So I ate. I forgot how wonderful sourdough pretzels could taste. And soup! True, it was crummy "hospital" soup--I had to add, like, a pound of salt to the broth--but mmm, mmm! Oh, and then there was the delicious Panera bagel...

3. I compiled a list of bookstores I'd like to sign at and I'm hoping to hit a spot on a local radio show. The radio show is a long shot but you never know. I also made arrangements for a launch party: June 26th at 7 p.m. at, yes, my Borders--where else???

4. I'm not restricting my writing to my days off anymore--I plan to revise 2 hours a day even on the days I work. Really, the only thing else I do before I go to work at 2 is surf the net, answer emails, blog, and...well, blog. Why not write?

5. The Queen is visiting the U.S. this week. But since she's not coming to Cleveland, and I ob-vi-ous-ly won't make it to Virginia today, something tells me I won't get to meet the old gal. Right now she's kicking up her heels in Colonial Williamsburg--a cool place to visit, btw.

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6. I think my sister has a hat similar to that one. If she doesn't, she should. If you knew my sister, you'd understand.

Actually, Karen, I'm just checking to see if you ever read this thing.

7. I understand why Nancy Grace annoys people. Yes, I do watch her every night, BUT!--the other night she had a segment about pit bulls, how they attack and maul people (yeah, that's "big" news, duh) and the whole time she was blathering, she ran a tape of an actual dogfight. I sent her a polite email informing her that I don't particuarly care to watch animals murdered onscreen any more than I care to see a human being murdered. A waste of time, I'm sure, because I doubt she either reads these emails or cares about my opinion. But I was ticked because the footage had nothing to do with her story, it was purely sensational, and these were not images I cared to take to sleep with me.

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8. Although I have to admit I was momentarily riveted only because pit bulls do play a part in my next planned novel. But not riveted enough to WATCH longer than 3 or 4 seconds. This is why I write: I have a pretty good imagination and I can imagine what a dog fight is like. I don't have to see it for myself any more than I have to smoke dope in the back of a van and kinda-sorta have sex with a stranger.

9. I'm running out of steam.

10. I think I just flunked the Friday 10.

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