Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday 10

1. I've been severely traumatized by a carpenter ant that crawled up my back while I was watching TV last night. I can still FEEL it! The goosebumps won't go away.

2. My backache is gone!

3. My cat ate a plate of rugala. Cherry paw prints all over my kitchen table.

4. A review from VOYA (Voices of Youth Advocacy) stated in part that "...her work is painfully realistic, and she does not write 'nice' because there are too many youth who struggle through such an existence."

No, I don't "write nice," LOL. And I swear I can hear the ghost of my mother:

MOM: (after a huge, drawn-out, exasperated sigh) "Holy cripe, Jeannine! Why can't you just write nice???"

5. I'm trying to edit at home right now and the frickin' phone has NOT stopped ringing! To say nothing of the fact that I've been playing on message boards. Oh...and blogging. Hm. But in spite of farting around, I got quite a bit done.

6. I bought a new top. A severely UGLY top. I have no idea what possessed me. I should never shop alone.

7. I'm voting today on a new contract at work. I thought it was last week, but that was just an information session. My answer is NO and I don't care who knows it.

8. Beth and I saw GEORGIA RULE. Good movie except for the fact that Lindsay Lohan wore what was ob-vi-ous-ly a pair of false eye lashes in every scene. Her character was 17 yrs old. How many 17-year-olds wear false eyelashes? I mean REGULAR 17-year-olds, not the ones you see in the tabloids.

9. Now that American Idol is over, I have a new favorite: ON THE LOT! OMG, those poor would-be film makers had to verbally pitch a project to the panel of judges--an oral query, in a sense. I remember the pitches and I suffered through at the Columbus Writers Conference a couple years ago and how sorry I felt for the authors who were either too nervous to croak out a coherant sentence, or else their pitches, well, quite frankly, sucked.

10. Speaking of incoherant sentences--I'm still unable to state, briefly, in one or two sentences, what my book is about. Yes, I can write a blurb, but writing it and saying it are two different things. I sooo need to work on that!

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