Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Welcome, Ellie McDoodle

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Ruth Barshaw's ELLIE MCDOODLE: HAVE PEN, WILL TRAVEL! "Ellie McDougal (better known to her friends as Ellie McDoodle because she loves to draw) is a nearly-twelve-year-old prisoner . . . of her aunt, uncle, three annoying cousins, and her baby brother, Ben-Ben. Sentenced to a week-long camping trip with them while her parents are out of town, Ellie is absolutely, positively determined to hate every single minute of the experience. Thank goodness she at least has her sketch journal, in which she records all the excruciating (and okay, very funny) details...but how will she keep her journal from falling into Er-ick the Enemy’s hands? And what will happen when—gasp—she actually starts having fun?"

Visit Ruth McNally Barshaw--talented writer and amazing artist!

Go, Ruth and Ellie!

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