Monday, May 21, 2007

Ugh, just...UGH!

So far I found:

1. Roughly four bucks in change under the couch cushions, plus 3 pens, a pound of peanuts, and a Reese's piece left over from Chistmas.

2. 2 Christmas ornaments and an assortment of holiday cards. Plus a sympathy card I meant to send to someone last year.

3. One dead plant.

Note: When Grandma moved to the nursing home, hubby took her plants. I do *NOT* do plants. I warned him I will not be the one to keep it alive. Apparently he failed at this, too. It disintegrated in my hands.

4. 3 previously undiscovered piles of cat puke. Max is certainly getting better at hiding them.

5. Two Starbucks gift certs-YAY!

What I did NOT find:

1. My cell phone charger.

2. A winning lottery ticket.

3. Fairy dust to make this all go away.

I have sooo much to do that needs to be done NOW. My launch party is planned (sort of) and I don't even have the invitations printed up, let alone addressed. I have BEA stuff to look over. I have editing to do. I have emails that I "saved as new" a week ago and never glanced at again. I still can't walk across any room in my house without tripping over something. My yard is a jungle (though Chuck made a pretty good dent over the w/e, *kiss kiss*).

Once this ms is finished, I'm turning over a new leaf. Yeah, yeah, I've said that before--but this cannot go on! I can't live like this, petrified at the thought that someone will drop by and pass out in sheer horror. Last night I went to bed at 6 p.m. and didn't open my eyes till 7 this morning. Autopilot sucks. Maybe it's time for a temporary nosedive.

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