Saturday, May 26, 2007


OK, THIS UNEXPECTED TORNADO is just a bit TOO close for comfort even for me.

Beth and I took Grandma out for ice cream at Dairy Queen (which is Grandma's new nickname since she doused that dude with milk) and got stuck in a thunderstorm of our own. Swear to God, I'd rather drive in snow! The streets were rivers, I couldn't see a thing, my brakes tried to kick out on me, and my door seriously leaked. On Grandma, lol.

BTW, Grandma slurped down a hot fudge sundae with whipped cream and chopped nuts; Beth enjoyed vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries with chocolate sauce on a chocolate-covered waffle cone; and me? Try a fat-free sugar-free 7-carb orange creamsicle. Think orange-flavored Windex, mm, mm. Hey, I lost 16 pounds and I'm not about to gain it back.


I'm working this weekend and Monday, so for those of you get a few days off: HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND AND HOLIDAY!

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