Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Yay, DEB!

And more congrats are in order for whose latest book--the first in "an edgy new teen series"--was also released today!

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THE BAND: TRADING GUYS by Debra Garfinkle: "The friends in the band Sweet Marguerite always back each other up-onstage and off-until an impulsive game threatens to tear them apart. One Night Only Tracie can't think straight. The sexiest guy she knows is flirting with her-and he's hot enough to make her forget everything that matters...including her boyfriend. Mark can't believe his luck. He has a great band and a beautiful girlfriend. So why can't he keep his mind off of the exotic new lead singer, Lily? Sienna is psyched. She's worked hard for the band's success and she loves her boyfriend Mark. Life would be perfect-if Lily would just go away. Tracie, Mark, and Sienna are partying at the beach, celebrating their big break and dreaming of stardom, until the moment one simple question changes everything: Just for fun, why don't we trade boyfriends and girlfriends?"

Deb's STORKY: How I Lost the Nickname and Won the Girl is also now out in paperback.

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How can you not fall in love with this boy???

Congrats, Deb! =)

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