Saturday, March 15, 2008

Because I MIssed My Friday 5...

What I Have

1. A new editor(s)

2. A contract

3. 2 weeks off from work in April to make sure I finish my edits by the May deadline

What I'm Getting Soon

4. Editorial notes probably next week

5. Possibly accompanied by a nervous breakdown ;)

What I Did Today

6. Revised more of my current wip, added scenes, cleaned up typos, and chopped 1,500 words including one rambling scene that went absolutely nowhere and I can't believe I wasted my time writing it in the first place, I mean, hel-looooooooooooo, it was a conversation between my MC and a fricking boring neighbor who never showsher face again!

7. Would it surprise you if I said I skipped the cookies today?

What I Am NOT Doing Today




This Week's Good News

Before/After has been selected for the New York Public Library Book for the Teen Age list. I'm so excited!

This Week's Bad News

Grandma's been under the weather (but doing better now) so her hip surgery was postponed until April. Yeah, April. When I'm doing edits, lol.

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