Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday Five

1. Lisa Madigan has some AWESOME NEWS! Gooooooooooo, LISA!

2. I plan to pass the 30K mark on my wip today. Note I said "plan to."

3. It's 5:45 a.m. I'm awake and I don't have to be. This is very weird indeed.

4. F. A. T.

Hubby: Hey, where'd you get those pants?

Me: I've had them forever.

Hubby: I haven't seen you wear them in years.

Me: That's because they haven't fit me in years.

Hubby: ???

Me: (whimper)

Hubby: Oh. You grew into them.

Me: (unprintable)

So what do I do after that conservation? BAKE BROWNIES!

5. Horoscope: It may be time to reassess a complex relationship that involves jointly held resources. You may even need to remove yourself from the situation in order to gain control of your life. But letting go of an attachment may not be easy, even with your newly discovered strength. Make the most of this moment, for it will probably be harder if you don't take action today."


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