Monday, March 3, 2008

Zzzzzzzzzzz Excuse

What I did Saturday:

-Got up at noon. Seriously.
-Got hair chopped and hillbilly roots obliterated.
-Came home.
-Did nothing else.

What I did Sunday:

-Got up at 7:30.
-Got to Borders at 9:00.
-Wrote my a$$ off until 5:00
-Went grocery shopping
-Came home
-Made spaghetti

*note: this is where I started to poop out. Fried up the meat, threw it in the sauce, and called it quits. Hubby was then forced to wrap up the meal.

-Worked on a crit. Did not finish crit because I fell asleep.
-While working on said crit, started watching a bad, bad, ba-a-a-ad movie. Did not see the end. Or most of the beginning because I fell asleep.
-Planned to call my brother on his 50th birthday. Did not call my brother because I fell asleep.
-Planned to brainstorm with TheBadGirl2008 Did not brainstorm





So I've used that excuse 4 times so far. But the truth is: I frickin' FELL ASLEEP! I totally conked out in the middle of the evening and didn't wake up till this morning. When hubby WOKE me up. Or I'd still be sleeping.

Maybe I'll not show up at work today...because...of course...I fell asleep? :)

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