Saturday, March 8, 2008


Snow, snow, snow, SNOW!!!!

Two feet of the stuff. We're talking Antarctica.

An hour and fifteen minutes to get to work this morning, a drive than normally takes me just under 30 minutes.

Worked short. What a h-o-r-r-i-b-l-e day! I was still passing 9 a.m. meds at noon. In fact, we were sooo short we couldn't always get to the phone--so a patient reached over the counter, picked up the phone, and said politely, "Cleveland Clinic!"

Except...I don't work at the Cleveland Clinic. LOLOL!

Lunch (crappy sandwich) was nibbled at the computer and I punched out an hour and fifteen minutes late.


-10 minutes to clean off my car.

-10 minutes to get out of the parking lot.

-10 minutes to get to the freeway (normally 2 minutes) including a serious spin-out. Thank GOD nobody was coming in the other direction!

-50 minutes on the freeway. Ice! Snowdrifts! Spun-out cars! WHITEOUT!

-Stuck on the exit ramp--briefly, though it felt like forever.

-10 minutes to my street (normally another 3).

Guess what? Tomorrow I get to do it allll over again.


LisaYak said...

Yikes! I admire your dedication in pushing through all of that adversity to get to work. Sounds like you were one of the only ones who actually did. I'm glad you got home safely!

Jeannine said...

More of the same today. EVERYONE CALLED OFF. Everyone else was working double shifts.

....except me, of course. :)