Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Random Wednesday

Oh, great. Lindsay's mom gets the chance screw up another one of her kids.

Why is it when I hear the phrase on the radio, "We'd like to hear your analysis..." all I really hear is "urinalysis"?

As I was letting myself through the (locked) double doors to go downstairs, a patient shouted at a security guard to NOT let me get away because I'm the one who grabbed her and threw her to ground and dragged her down the hall. "That's the one! In the blue smock! Get her!"

Um, excuse me? A smock? I do not wear a "blue smock." I wouldn't be caught dead in a smock, blue or otherwise. It's a navy blue scrub jacket, thank you very much. So if I ever do get arrested, and if happens to be in any kind of a "smock," just please, pleeease, go ahead and shoot me.

Anyway, I never touched her.

I'm off the next two days. Thank. You. Jesus.

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