Sunday, March 16, 2008

Thinking Ahead

I've been away from Shawna for so long--the ms was accepted in December and I haven't glanced at it since--I barely remember the story. Seriously. Unlike Before/After, I didn't spend 8 yrs on it, writing and revising it over and over until I practically had every word memorized. I wrote it in 4 months, revised it in 7 months, ran through it a couple of times with my agent--and that was that. So now I'm looking forward to seeing Shawna again. :)

Beth and I went up to Borders together, both armed with laptops. This was Beth's first experience with a write-a-thon (which is a twice a week thing for me since I gave up trying to write on workdays). I continued to revise the first few chapters of Linnea, while Beth did research and started a synopsis for her story. We worked from 11:30 to 6. She held out a whole lot better than I thought she would. :)

I'm still not sure where Linnea is headed. But I can't afford to throw yet another ms aside. Is it actually possible to write a book a year, and work a regular job besides?

Guess I'll find out.

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