Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Spam or Not?

Has anyone else gotten a letter from someone asking you to donate signed copies of your books for a breast cancer auction?

This may be perfectly legit--she included links (which I didn't click on) and personal information--but she started the letter with:

(my name plugged in, different font--but she did know my name) "I will start by saying that I love your books. I like the comtemporary and paranormal romances and the mystery. You are a wonderful author."

My objection is that she never read my "books" because

1. Hello, I only have ONE book, and
2. it's not a romance, and
3. it's not a paranormal, and
4. it's not a mystery, and
5. does she even know the title(s)?

Maybe she thought if she mentioned contemporary-paranormal-romance-and-mystery, she'd hit the jackpot with one of them. She totally missed the boat on my genre (although, yes, it's contemporary...and yes, I'm a wonderful author *g*). So how can I look at this as anything other than spam? What I object to is someone saying they loved my books book when they apparently never read them it. If she is shotgunning authors in general, why not simply say "I'm looking for authors who would like to donate a signed copy of their book...?"

If what she tells me in her letter is true, then I wish her the best of luck and many blessings. But I can't really take this seriously.

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