Friday, September 7, 2007

5 For Friday

1. I looved Cherie Priest's list of Things I've Learned Since My First Book Got Published.

2. I've been officially invited to participate in AuthorPalooza at this year's OELMA Conference--and GUESS WHO'S gonna be there???

3. I'm having a major meltdown thanks to my last locked posted, so I decided to get up off my butt, buy some boxes, and clean the living hell out of my downstairs. Maybe I can burn off some of this negative engery.

4. I gave away the last of Max's cat food to the neighbor next door. It was a sad, strange, monumental moment.

5. I wrote 3 pages of my new wip. Meh. A Shawna sequel is pricking at my brain, but until I know for sure somebody wants it, it seems kind of presumptuous--and idiotic--to start a sequel. Then, of course, there's my half finished paranormal... Ah, what to write, what to write!?!

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