Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday 10

1. Every appliance in my house is falling apart. Everything in my HOUSE is falling apart. Gutters. Plumbing. Half my outlets don't work. The foundation has been caving in for the past 20 years. Why do I live here? Oh, I know! Cuz who'd every BUY this POS?

2. I sent out 2 arcs to reviewers over the past week. I know, right? You'd think after the book's been out for two months I'd be finished with this but enough is never enough. Are all writers this obsessed with themselves? I am down to one ARC. Should I auction it off?

3. I'm thinking about Christmas. And how broke I am.

4. I'm thinking about my roots. And how broke I am.

5. I saw a car driving along the sidewalk the other day. Huh?

6. Beth is going to Vegas on Sunday with a group of friends from work. My BABY is going to Vegas! *I've* never been to Vegas. I might've flown over it once on my way to CA. I do watch CSI. Does that count?

7. I got the sweetest note from a reader: "I just read your book. Wow! What a powerful debut!! You are a great, great author. I really loved your writing. Your characters were so real I keep thinking about them..." OMG, this totally made my day. :) Thank you, dear reader.

8. I'm currently awaiting a copy of Autumn Cornwell's CARPE DIEM so I can interview her for the CLASS OF 2k7. Why-y-y does Amazon take so long??? I'm dying to read it. I'm also finishing up an interview with Shirley Harazin. It's coming, Shirley! I promise it's coming.

9. My "baby" brother was the first one to listen to my stories. Now he's writing one of his own. YAY!

10. I should be writing.

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