Tuesday, September 4, 2007


How YOU spent your Labor Day holiday:

Grilled outside, visited with friends and neighbors, swam, played with your kids and pets, enjoyed the sunshine, and consumed phenomenal amounts of calories in astonishingly short periods of time.

How I spent Labor Day:

I labored, i.e. I went to work. Well, I also did the last thing on that list: I probably hit a solid 5,000 calories between all the candy, sandwiches, Coke, ice cream, fried rice w/shrimp, chicken, and broccoli, plus cookies, pop, and carrot cake, not to mention a hamburger on top of the Chinese. Believe it or not I ate all of that during a single 8 hr shift and found time to do my usual nursely duties like pass pills, plump pillows, clean dentures, jab needles into people, and yes, give an enema and of COURSE I remembered to wash my hands, how could you think such a thing???!!

I wonder if the word "enema" will throw my whole blog into some twisted cybernetherworld? Next thing I know I'll be getting emails from that pasty-faced dude in your neighbor's basement who only comes up to grab his SS check out of the mailbox and pay the pizza delivery guy. Or, like Boo Radley, catch him a squirrel every now and then.

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If Boo had a computer, he wouldn't be out there stuffing toys into a tree--he'd be writing the next Next Great American Novel and posting queries on Writers Net.

Wait. I think he is.

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