Friday, September 28, 2007

Mayday! Mayday!

1. Personal crisis: a bee flew into my hair today. It didn't sting me so it wouldn't be such a big deal--except for the fact that it flew into my hair IN MY HOUSE.

I blasted it dead with a hefty squirt of wasp-and-bee killer. The problem is, it took more than one squirt--those suckers are FAST--so now my ceiling is streaked with bug spray and my whole house stinks.

2. Revision crisis: I lost my green and yellow highlighters. I had them at Borders last night. I'm *sure* I packed them away before I left.

I'm anal about the way I do my revisions. The parts I've already taken care of I highlight in YELLOW. The parts I have to go back and revisit I highlight in GREEN. I could probably do it with different colors (clutches heart) but I can't find one--single--highlighter in this cramped, cluttered, bug-spray-reeking house.

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"Help me! He-e-e-ellllp me-e-eeee!"

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