Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wasting Time

How is it possible to waste an entire day?

Surprisingly easy.


1. Played around with signs like this one:

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And this one:

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2. Thought about revving up my chainsaw. I had the time. I had the instrument. I had the inclination and the weather was perfect.

And then thought, screw it. I'm not in the mood for an eye splinter. Besides, no one was home in the event of an unexpected kickback aimed directly at my face.

3. Reviewed my contract. Thought I heart my agent for the fifty-thousandth time. :)

4. Skimmed through a few pages of STW. Not the smartest thing to do when you're waiting to hear back. I found a typo. GASP! A typo? Me? Please.

5. Thought about going back on my diet. Really. I thought long and hard about it.

Then I:
A. Ate Crunch-n-Munch and a handful of chocolate cookies.
B. Felt guilty, so I went to the store to stock up on protein.
C. Boiled some eggs. Was informed by the supreme ruler of the household--which is not me by any stretch of the imagination--that if eggs stand up on end they aren't any good.
D. Ground said eggs up in the garbage disposal.
E. Ate more cookies.

6. Cleaned my fridge in a cursory, thirty-second way. Discovered an unopened pack of blue cheese. Not "Bleu" cheese. Actual BLUE CHEESE.

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7. Found out that Starbucks coffee at the grocery store is almost $10 a pound. Bought it anyway. Skipped toilet paper instead. We all have our priorities.

8. Tweaked my MySpace. Decided I'm tired of the layout. Browsed new ones for 5 hrs. Finally thought: Nobody looks at it. Who cares?

Wait, wait, wait! If nobody looks at it, how'd I end up with 580 + friends???

Pssst! Jen! They're not re-e-e-eally your "friends..."

They're not????

NO! They're just people who added you so it looks like they have lots of friends.


Jen. Seriously. Get A Life.

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9. Tried to think of something to say for an online chat tonight. OMG, OMG, what can I say that hasn't been talked to death? I'm winging this one. :)

10. Didn't write.

11. Made spaghetti.

12. Ate more cookies.

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