Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Wait Begins

I have to admit, I forgot what it's like. Ya know, when you send off a submission...and then you have to wait?

And wait.

And wait.

I mean, c'mon, people--it's already been a whole day!

To take my mind off this madness, I've composed a couple of lists.

What I NEED to do:

1. Clean my friggin' house! It stinks. I have apple-scented candles burning at the moment but all this does is stimulate my appetite. Not good.

2. Find my office. I know it's here somewhere. I wrote STW entirely on my laptop but I'm sure I have a PC around here, too.

3. Weed my yard. Actually, I need napalm at this point.

4. Get rid of Grandma's junk car which has been sitting in my driveway for a year and a half. Too bad about that family of mice living in the engine.

5. Get my hair done. I look like a hag.

What I am NOT going to do:

1. Check my email every sixty-seven seconds.

2. Veg out in front the news and smirk over the fact that my life is so much better than 99% of everyone else in the world.

3. Check my email every sixty-seven seconds.

4. Live in my favorite writers' forums.

5. Check my email every sixty-seven seconds.

What I'd LIKE to do:

1. Read. I have TONS of books waiting for me including Triptych by Karin Slaughter--I met her at the BEA and omg, who could imagine such a sweet, darling little thing could write this stuff??? I got to the end of Part One and absolutely shrieked out loud!--and Bad Girls Club by fellow 2k7er Judy Gregerson whose MC's mom makes Martha's look like the Happy Days mom.

2. Write. Yeah, reeeellly??? Working title of next WIP--Dogfather. Why not? At least it's not as eyebrow-raising as Dead Lesbian Mother. "Serious" working titles seem to evade me.

3. Catch up on 2k7 stuff. I'm hopelessly behind.

What I've done SO FAR:

1. Wrote one full page of Dogfather.

2. Drank coffee, smoked cigarettes, gloated over the news, blogged, and posted on forums.

3. Checked my email every sxity-seven seconds.

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