Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bird Sitting

While Beth is in Vegas I've been looking after her bird.

I like birds. I'm not a HUGE FAN of birds, but birds are, when they're in a cage, or flying around outside. Not flapping around the room a mile a minute and then dive-bombing into your hair. But she lets this thing out every day for exercise and after 2 days I felt a bit sorry for it.

So I let it out.

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This bird dislikes me. Actually, I don't think it's *me* she totally dislikes; it's just that she loooooves Beth, and I am not Beth.

So I let her fly around a few times (as I covered my head) and then she sits on my shoulder, alternately nibbling on my glasses and trying to eat my necklace. There is something hideously disturbing about the sound of a bird beak chomping madly on a fourteen-carat gold chain less than six inches from your ear drum.

Then she flew down onto my keyboard which she absolutely adores for some reason. Talk about the original "hunt-and-peck" lol. Well, this was annoying. Although she's too light to actually "type" anything, she was definitely in the way. Plus I was afraid she'd crap on the keys. Fritos crumbs, this baby can handle. Bird poop, I'm not so sure.

So finally, after I picked her up off the keyboard for the 10th or 11th time, she settled back onto my pillow.

Then she crapped on the pillow.

Back in the cage, little birdie!!!!

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