Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday 5

1. Melissa Marr of WICKED LOVELY fame had some wickedly lovely things to say about Before/After on her LIVE JOURNAL yesterday. Thank you, Melissa!

2. Lost my cell phone charger. Bought a new one.

3. Lost my camera thingy (ya know, to send pics to your computer?). Still looking for it.

4. Agent. Is Reading. My MS. At This Very. Moment! Okay, maybe not precisely "at this very moment" but she's about halfway through it. I forgot how nuts this submission stuff makes me. Like when you barely survive labor, convinced you're gonna DIE and will never-ever-ever have anything remotely related to sex again? Then, six months later you pee on a stick, a pretty pink line shows up, and you're like: YAYYYY!

Then you're, like: HUH-H-H-H???

5. Got my NEW dryer and my new washer--a Matching Set! Amazing: A dryer with a door you don't have to prop shut with a chair, and a washer with a real working knob you don't have to twist with a screw driver. Ah, luxury!

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